Frequently Asked Questions



           On-Site Corporate Sessions:

What happens once you show up at our place of business?  

Once I show up at your place of business, it takes about 30 to 40 minutes to set up the background and lighting.

What do you recommend in terms of clothing for my portrait session?  

That depends on your needs and end use. Simple Colors are great. Try to limit the patterns.


Can I change the headshot's background?

We provide the choices of white, black and grey. However, we can replace the background to any color you want for a little extra fee.

What happens after the shoot and how long does it take before I see my proofs?  

You will have a link to check your raw (non-retouched) proofs within 24 hours.

What format will the images be delivered? 

All images will be delivered in JPG (Jpeg.) format. If you need to change it to any other formats, that can be discussed.

Is a deposit required?

The answer is Yes. We will ask for a deposit (50% of the final price) as a booking fee to reserve the date. If you cancel the appointment for any reasons prior to 48 hours, the booking fee will be non-refundable and become credits to use at Studio.